FUSION AC-SL10 iPod/iPhone Internal Dock Sleeves

by Fusion
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SKU 43359
Manufacturer Part Number: AC-SL10
UPC #: 878816005454
Category: Accessories
iPod/iPhone Internal Dock Sleeves
Part #: AC-SL10

The Internal Dock Sleeves for iPod is a kit of all the current internal dock sleeves, for FUSION iPod inside products. This kit may be required if your FUSION iPod inside product was manufactured before the release of the latest iPod models.

The Kit contains sleeves for the following Marine Products:
  • Marine Stereo for iPod (MS-IP500)
  • Marine Stereo for iPod (MS-IP600)
  • Marine Dock for iPod (MS-IPDOCK)
  • Marine Dock for iPod (MS-IPDOCKG2)

Your FUSION iPod inside product may not support the latest Apple products.
A compatible sleeve does not imply support of an Apple product. For support refer to your FUSION iPod inside product.

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