Forespar Lanocote Rust Corrosion Solution Prop and Bottom - 16 oz. [770035]

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Manufacturer Part Number: 770035
UPC #: 028026190802
Category: Accessories

Lanocote Rust & Corrosion Solution Prop and Bottom - 16 oz. 

Natural Non-Toxic Anti-Foul Coating

LanoCote® Prop & Bottom™ is an economical and very effective marine foul release coating. Produced by boaters for boaters, it is a well-tested marine foul release based on lanolin and other biodegradable additives. When applied according to directions to metal props and running gear, it can provide up to six months, or more in some cases, protection from the growth of algae, sea grass, and a wide variety of worms, corals and barnacles.


  • Formulated for underwater application
  • Naturally sheds most marine growth
  • Performs best in waters of 64°F (18°C) and warmer
  • Flow efficient
  • Long lasting

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