MotorGuide 313 Triple Bank 13A Battery Charger - 5/5/3 Amps

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SKU 43825
Manufacturer Part Number: 31713
UPC #: 22697317131
Category: Battery Chargers
13 AMP Battery Charger
Part #: 31713

The MotorGuide on-board battery charger incorporates a fully automatic technology that eliminates the need to use portable battery chargers to charge each battery one at a time. Pre-wired for easy installation and years of automatic charging and maintenance for all batteries on-board.

Just plug it in and forget about it.

  • Automatic charging for Lead Acid or GEL Batteries
  • Charges and conditions batteries with a built-in safe maintenance mode for long and short term storage
  • Auto Transfer Technology will maintain the engine crank battery while transferring 100% of the available charging amps to your trolling batteries
  • Waterproof, shock restant and saltwater tested
  • Reverse polarity, ignition and temperature protection
  • Power, charging and maintaining LED indicators
  • Pre-wired for easy installation

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