Digital 70dB PowerMax Marine & RV Cellular Booster

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Manufacturer Part Number: 4KSBR-50M
UPC #: 839494002760
Category: Cellular Amplifiers
PowerMax™ Marine & RV Cellular Booster
70dB Gain 3 Watt Dual Band Wireless Repeater System

Get more bars with Digital Antennas PowerMax™ 4KSBR-50M marine and RV wireless cell booster. Designed for large boats with cabins, sailboats and RVs, this new and more powerful 70dB gain wireless cellular repeater system boosts the signal strength of your cell phone or air card to 3 watts and improves transmit and receive signals. The result is clean and clear voice quality with maximum data throughput on all carriers except Nextel or iDEN. Not for use in open console boats.

Application: - Large yachts, sailboats and RVs (not for use in open console boats)
Range/Performance: - Amplifies cellular signal up to 30+ miles*
Advantage: - Wirelessly enhance multiple cell phones in multiple rooms 18' to 40' from inside antenna
Requirement: - 25' separation plus a structure between inside and outside antenna.

* Increased range varies based upon height of outside antenna, type of cable used, cell phone carrier and location of cell tower. For maximum range, place outside antenna as high as possible using ultra low-loss cable.

4KSBR-50M System Includes:
  • 3 watt dual band 70dB gain cellular repeater (DA4000SBR) *
  • 18 external 9dB gain antenna ( 288-PW )
  • Internal 9 dB gain antenna ( 426-PW )
  • 50 of DA340 cable for external antenna ( 340-50NM )
  • 15' of DA240 cable for internal antenna ( 240-15NM )
  • 1"14 threaded mount ( DM194 )
  • 1"14 threaded mounting ferrule ( F114 )
  • 12 VDC power converter ( DP515 )

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