Guest 10 Amp Battery Charger

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SKU 13796
Manufacturer Part Number: 2611A
UPC #: 46904873029
Category: Battery Chargers
10 Amp Battery Charger

Part No. 2611A

    Total Amps: 10
    Number of Outputs: 2
    Amps per output: 5/5
    Battery System: 2-12V or 24V
    Output Voltage: 12V
    DC Output: 2-4' Cables w/ring terminals
    Input Voltage: 100-130VDC/50-60Hz
    AC Input: 6' cord W/Connect Charge Plug
    Dimensions: 7.75" x 5.50" x 2.42"
    Weight: 5.6 Lbs.

Product Features
Ignition Protected

Reverse Polarity Protected

Short Circuit Protected

3-Stage Switching Electronic Circuit

Maintenance Mode protects batteries during storage

Fully Potted to Waterproof Electronics

Vibration and Shock Protected

Self-Protecting under extreme ambient conditions

For Flooded, Gel and AGM Batteries

2 - Year Limited Warranty

Lifetime Warranty Against Water Damage

Meets all Guest Harsh Environment Guidelines

Models with AC Cables can be used with the ConnectCharge permanent mounting system

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