WOW Watersports Pressure Gauge Kit [19-5100]

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SKU 84873
Manufacturer Part Number: 19-5100
UPC #: 4897034344493
Category: Air Pumps

Pressure Gauge Kit

No pressure, but this is a must-have for your towable accessories. Get the most out of your towable and create less drag on your boat by ensuring your inflatables are inflated enough. Did you know that most towable troubles are caused by under-inflation? Check your product manual for the recommended PSI and get riding!


  • Designed and tested with the highest quality materials for durability
  • Monitors Air Pressure from 0 - 5 psi with precision
  • Inflate to the correct pressure for ideal performance
  • Prolong the life of your inflatables by avoiding under and over inflation
  • 1 Year warranty

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