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Simrad WR20 Remote Commander

Simrad WR20 Remote Commander
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Product Information

Simrad WR20-Remote Commander
In the palm of your hand

  • Controls the full range of electronics
  • The only wireless remote to control your fixed VHF
  • Sealed, long life battery keeps costs down
  • Rugged docking cradle for trouble free stowing and charging
  • Operates up to 100m range - covers all boat size and types
  • Key lock to avoid accidental operation
  • Connects via Bluetooth to many mobile phones allowing the phone to be kept safe and dry

Wireless control of your SimNet enabled equipment. The WR20 is unique as it is the only remote available that can control and display data from the full suite of electronics, from chartplotter, radar and echosounder (NavStation) through to autopilot, instruments and for the first time ever, your fixed VHF radio. This unique, broad range of functionality is tamed in a highly intuitive menu system, allowing you to access what you want, when you want.

Its simplicity makes the Simrad WR20 an extremely safe option; it?s easy to work when you need it most, and you don?t have to physically be at the equipment itself to operate it. The Simrad WR20 is easily integrated into SimNet, simply plug the base station in and immediately, all compatible equipment on the network is recognized by the system. The handheld itself is fully waterproof so you can be out on deck even in the worst weather, and the long life battery, which is charged using a simple docking cradle ensures that the Simrad WR20 is always ready for use, meaning you won?t get caught without.

The flexibility of the Simrad WR20 is extended through the ability to fully customise menu operation, making it suitable for a wide range of boats. Whether cruising in your powerboat, taking part in your local sport fishing tournament or braving the oceans single handed, the Simrad WR20 adds a whole world of convenience, and safety to your time at sea..

Wireless VHF Handset
If your boat has a SimNet enabled VHF radio, the Simrad WR20 will act as a full wireless handset for it. The handheld offers full VHF functionality when linked into your fixed radio, even as far as calling crew on the intercom. Essentially, if the Simrad WR20 is connected to your VHF you can save space and money as you simply don?t have to invest in a separate handheld radio or intercom.

Man Over Board
The Simrad WR20 improves safety as it gives you access to all of your instruments wherever you are onboard. Two Man Over Board buttons are also included. Should you have to activate the Man Over Board function, your immediate position will be fixed on your Simrad NavStation enabling you to circle around to the exact position and pick up thestranded person, possibly saving a life in the process.

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