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B&G Triton Autopilot Computer - High Current

B&G Triton Autopilot Computer  - High Current
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Product Information

Triton Pilot Computer - High Current
Part #: 000-10620-001

B&G Triton Autopilot Computer High Current autopilot computer is the main unit in the B&G Triton autopilot systems. B&G Triton Autopilot contains the steering computer and electronics for the drive unit motor and clutch and provides interface to other system components.

B&G Triton Computer (30/50A motor current) communicates on the proprietary SimNet data and control network to establish a reliable digital communication and power distribution between the units in the autopilot system as well as other B&G Triton products. SimNet provides high speed data transfer and control of B&G Triton products integrated in a total steering and navigation system.

B&G Triton autopilot computers, more powerful than ever, contain advanced software algorithms and are the brains of the system. These incorporate position and navigation data from the GPS chartplotter and wind, speed and depth data from the instrument system. The output is a smooth proportional control of the rudder with the utmost precision providing excellent steering performance an any sea condition with a minimum of power consumption.

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